Meet the new Wall Street warriors

The Wall Street Warriors is about to move millions into the hands of families through collective investment.

That is their vision.

And anyone who doesn’t think it’s possible hasn’t been touched by these leaders. Co-founders Nicole Lee, Marcia Worsham, and Ronald Willingham intend to create generational wealth for their children and community.

Although they all live in Cincinnati, these three met in New Orleans while representing FII at the CitizenFEST, hosted by Citizens University and FII-New Orleans Family Partners, and instantly became friends.

They put their heads together and launched Wall Street Warriors in Cincinnati and an UpTogether group which has attracted more than 50 members from around the country.

group of friends Although they all live in Cincinnati, the three founders met in New Orleans. (Photo: Family Independence Initiative)

Lee’s group Warrior Moms contributed to the origin of Wall Street Warriors when they hosted author Chuck Collins, who demystified generational wealth during a two-day workshop.

Their takeaway was that people who have wealth are either born into it, marry into it, invest to make it, or start a business. And that those who are most successful are doing a number of these things at the same time.

“True wealth is the full alignment of your spiritual, emotional, financial, and physical wellbeing,” Lee offers. “When people desire good in their life, like minds attract and this power activates the manifestation of everyone heart’s desire.”

The Wall Street Warriors may be planning to buy stocks, but, it doesn’t stop there. They are considering other low-overhead money-making options, like a parking lot or even an investment property.

Each of them is an entrepreneur, but collectively, they are forming a network of people to support one another’s businesses.

group family shot The Wall Street Warriors want to move millions into the hands of families through collective investment. (Photo: Family Independence Initiative)

Willingham remembers the first Wall Street Warriors investment meeting, which attracted participants beyond FII. He described the vision of a new Black Wall Street; a community offering mutual support and consideration for the health and wealth of the neighborhoods where they live.

Not everybody who showed up at that first meeting is mentally there just yet, believing it’s possible to create generational wealth, but he is sure they will get there.

“It’s good to be around Marcia and Nicole,” he said. “We have a chance to change minds.”

The group describes the level of hardship faced in black communities from slavery and ongoing oppression in the US. Generations of poverty leave people with immediate needs, and the trio points to the survival mentality this creates.

The Wall Street Warriors is creating a space for possibility and vision. While there are activities needed for the community to heal, the group notes that this is a space “to do." And by “do," they mean make their dreams real, whatever their dreams may be.

“A lot of people have lost hope,” Willingham said. “In FII, the idea is that someone is going to invest in you if you participate. In FII, I meet people who know something I didn’t know. FII is the seed for all that growth."

"When you get all these great people together, it gives people the strength to push beyond what they were thinking on their own. You give of yourself and things will come to you. You need people you can trust and believe. FII brings a whole new attitude.”

“If I were to just go down to Hamilton County family services, sure they’ll help me and my family get food or whatever, but I don’t get a paradigm shift,” said Worsham.

mother and child with flowers laugh The Wall Street Warriors is creating a space for possibility and vision. (Photo: Family Independence Initiative)

“I’ve been excited about FII from day one because the thought of it being a movement and not just a band-aid is perfect. It sets people up to come together to talk.”

Worsham shared her own moment of revelation when Apple hit a trillion dollars. She looked at her Apple products and realized she helped them hit a trillion and she didn’t own anything.

“I felt so silly at that moment,” she shared. “You think, I want my kids to have an iPad. How about instead, my daughter has some stock in her name?"

"Enrolling in FII has totally shifted my mind. My babies are going to be in another place. Get the money and invest. Change the conversation.”

The Wall Street Warriors agree that once they have enough money to take care of their children, it all goes back to community.

“It’s a process,” says Worsham. “With FII, now you have a group of people helping each other so the journey is not that difficult. It’s just beautiful. We’re finding our peace and being a light.”

Willingham said and the group agreed, “Our intention is to be wealthy so that our families don’t have to worry, and to bring along as many people in the FII program that have the desire to be that way as well.”

FII families can find the Wall Street Warriors on UpTogether.

This visionary team will be launching as an LLC in the next year in order to create and spread generational wealth to a whole new world of families.

- story by Danielle Coates-Conner, FII-National Director of Communications

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