“You are not fighting this fight alone”

Army Sergeant Anson Curry had served 15 months in Iraq and was on his second combat tour in Afghanistan as an infantry soldier. On August 5, 2011, a grenade exploded in his bunker.

The 25-year-old sergeant was severely and permanently brain injured.

But Anson did not have to deal with his injury alone. His wife, Minie, was by his side during the next few years of grueling rehabilitation. Anson and Minie soon found themselves in a new war, fighting one small battle at a time.

"It's for better or for worse and I told him you are not fighting this fight alone. This is our fight," said Minie. “I keep telling him, it’s not your battle, it’s our battle.”

Minie Curry in the kitchen with her husband Anson "I am so thankful for Fisher House," says Minie Curry. (Photo: Fisher House)

Following numerous surgeries at Walter Reed Medical Center at Bethesda, Maryland, where he was on life support for the first five-and-a-half weeks, Anson and Minie were flown to the VA Polytrauma Center in Palo Alto, California.

Wondering where in the world she would stay, someone told Minie about Fisher House, a free home-away-from-home, where she could live with her daughter during Anson's hospital stay.

The Curry family ended up living at the Fisher House for more than nine months while Anson received acute and rehabilitative care for his brain injury.

Anson and Christian Curry give a thumbs up. Anson's brother, Christian, was flown out to be with Anson via Fisher House's Hero Miles Program. (Photo: Fisher House)

“I told God that if he let Anson live, I would be there to take care of him. So I owe God. And I thank God every day,” said Minie.

“But as determined as I was to be there for Anson, I just don’t know how I would have done that without the Fisher House. I would have let both Anson and God down. I am so thankful for my beautiful home at Palo Alto. So thankful for Fisher House.”

Minie was not the only family member to stay at Fisher House. To give her a brief respite, Fisher House flew family members through its Hero Miles Program to Palo Alto to be with Anson. One of them was Anson’s brother, Christian Curry.

Minie Curry hugs husband in wheelchair Fisher House homes are located at military and VA medical centers around the world. (Photo: Fisher House)

“Even when Anson was at his very worst, Minie never gave up,” said Christian, who also stayed at Fisher House with his partner.

“I believe that every step Anson has taken was because Minie was there to encourage and love him. Without Fisher House, that never would have happened. I really don’t know where Anson would be today, quite frankly, if Minie had not been staying right across the street at the Fisher House.”

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Fisher House Foundation builds comfort homes where military and veterans families can stay free of charge while a loved one is in the hospital. These homes are located at military and VA medical centers around the world.

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