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United Philanthropy Forum

United Philanthropy Forum

United Philanthropy Forum is a national network of 60 philanthropy associations and networks across the United States, including regional philanthropy-serving organizations (PSOs) and national PSOs — such as national issue-based, identity-based, and practice-based affinity groups. Our members represent more than 7,000 primarily philanthropic organizations, making us the largest network serving philanthropy in America.

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What does courageous philanthropy look like?

The President & CEO of The Heinz Endowments, Grant Oliphant, shares his perspective on why we must rise to meet the challenges of a newly consequential age.

Historic transfer of wealth offers big opportunities to change the philanthropic landscape

As the nonprofit sector anxiously waits to see how charitable giving will drop as a result of federal tax reform, a new study highlights the opportunities.

New report shares insights on advancing racial equity in philanthropy

If you look at just about any issue that philanthropy cares about, some of the greatest disparities are along racial and ethnic lines.