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Our mission

Common Good is aimed at helping fill a void in the coverage of the philanthropic sector by sharing stories of everyday good. Our mission is to inspire others to get involved, give back, and do good.

Who are we?

Common Good is a special initiative from Newman’s Own Foundation to help encourage philanthropy on a global scale by highlighting the wonderful, purposeful pursuits of charitable organizations, individuals, businesses, and others, acting on behalf of the Common Good and making our world a better place for all. Created and curated by the media company Narrative Content Group, the site provides a platform to share stories from a large and wide-ranging group of contributors with a diverse group of site visitors at no cost.

Newman’s Own Foundation paid for the site's development and underwrites its annual stewardship.


  • Content must come from or be related to an active nonprofit
  • Content must fit into at least one of four categories:
    • Article: minimum of 400 words
    • Video: with supplemental text as needed (must be uploaded on third-party hosting service)
    • Infographic: with supplemental text as needed
    • Photo essay: with supplemental text as needed

How to submit

More tips for great content

  • Content will contain at least one high-resolution image (in addition to logo of nonprofit)
  • Content should include a point of contact for any questions or concerns from the editor
  • Content should specify author byline (individual or nonprofit)
  • By submitting content, you also accept our Terms of Use and allow for the content to be edited or reused in other social media channels
  • If content has been previously published, please stipulate where and when with relevant links
  • Timeline for content review is dependent on current volume of submissions
  • If your content is accepted for publication on the website, you will be notified
  • If your content is rejected, Common Good will make every effort to notify you
  • Common Good has permission to edit any and all submissions to conform to our website’s style guidelines

We do not accept

  • Content from organizations that discriminate on the basis of religion, gender, race, ethnicity, political beliefs, or disabilities;
  • Content that proselytizes the creeds of faith-based organizations;
  • Content concerning lobbying or political activities;
  • Content concerning any litigation that is underway, contemplated, or completed, or content from organizations that use litigation as primary tools to carry out their mission;
  • Content from organizations (or articles related to organizations) that require or promote “purchase-dependent” donations;
  • Content from organizations that do not comply with all laws and regulations (including those related to the Patriot Act)

Newman’s Own Foundation is a nonprofit organization founded by Paul Newman in 2005 to continue his legacy of donating 100% of the net profits and royalties from the sale of Newman’s Own food and beverage products to charity. Since the food company’s founding in 1982, Paul Newman and the Foundation have together contributed over $500,000,000 to thousands of charitable organizations around the world.

Founded in 2009 as Mother Nature Network, Narrative Content Group creates, distributes, and publishes content for its own websites and in partnership with many of the world's largest brands.