Sharing Stories of Everyday Good

What does "like a girl" mean to me?

Joining an all-female soccer camp empowered this young woman both on and off the field.

What happiness looks like

At this New Jersey camp, kids stop being patients and start being free.

Gaining confidence through sleepaway camp

After constant overnight care growing up, young Anna found freedom at a camp dedicated to providing "a different kind of healing."

Music as a medium to transform lives

StarJam makes music the medium for youth with disabilities.

Building wings so they can fly

At Flying Horse Farms, camp is not just about joy for a week — it’s about impact for life.

"Life is more than what you've been born into"

​Carver alumnus Kenneth "FNX" Shuler wrote and rapped "We Are Carver" as a tribute to the organization's transformative after-school and summer programs.

This camp in Ireland turns the light back on for sick children

Barretstown gave Aidan permission to be a child again.

More than just a play

In 2013, ASTEP spent over a year building a musical to be performed by low-income school children in central India. It had a profound affect on one young girl.

Meet the next generation of Kenyan leaders

These are the people that Shining Hope for Communities (SHOFCO) works with every day.

How food can be a vehicle for social change

Appetite For Change uses food as a tool for building health, wealth, and social change in North Minneapolis.

​Once upon a time it felt like a big, big world

A young woman reflects on her childhood experience with stuttering and speech therapy.

Access to fresh food turned this teenager’s life around

Imagine being sick in a doctor’s office, severely asthmatic, and overweight. Now imagine your doctor writing you a prescription for fresh produce, not pills.