Taking college mentorship to the next level in California

This college success nonprofit in California envisions a world in which all students have equitable opportunities to realize their potential.

Education creates hope. Hope creates change.

​For more than 50% of youth in Kenya, education ends after the eighth grade. EFAC provides scholarships and a mentoring program to keep students in school.

High school educators in Houston are reimagining their students' futures

BridgeYear uses a multi-pronged approach to engage students after high school graduation, beginning with tech-savvy advising and Career Test Drives.

Inside the fight to end gender-based violence in Myanmar

Violence against women is a serious problem, but in Myanmar, it is particularly challenging. Troubling gaps remain in providing services and accountability.

These artists are filling the gap in America’s education system

From private music lessons to engaging children in philanthropy, Philadelphia is a springboard for organizations offering unique opportunities for children.

Making trash useful again

A new eco-brick project in the Dominican Republic prevented over 4,000 pounds of plastic and trash from entering the sea.

Learn with the world in this international online community

​For more than 30 years, iEARN's international network of youth and educators have been collaborating on projects designed to make a difference in the world.

This woman in Australia is combating food waste one commercial kitchen at a time

Founded in 2004 by Ronni Kahn, after noticing the huge volume of food going to waste from the hospitality industry, she decided there had to be a better way.

How women can end world hunger

Creating solutions for 821 million people suffering from hunger worldwide will take far more than changing food systems. It will require gender equality.

Understanding humanity through the arts

Lester Purry, a lifelong actor, played Troy Maxson in the Portland Playhouse’s 2018 production of Fences.

Meet the new Wall Street warriors

The Wall Street Warriors are about to move millions into the hands of families through collective investment.

These new campus centers are taking on truth, racial healing, and transformation

The TRHT Campus Centers are a national coalition that will engage citizens in racial healing and catalyze efforts to address current inequities.