At this after-school program, everyone feels like family

Together, the Carver Foundation and Norwalk public schools are working to close the achievement gap.

This baseball star wants youth to feel safe at home

Joe Torre founded the Safe At Home Foundation in 2002 to provide healing services to youth who have been traumatized by exposure to violence.

Making farmers markets accessible to everyone

In Portland, Oregon, a nonprofit teamed up with local businesses to get more farm-direct produce into the hands of low-income residents.

Tackling Hartford's college graduation problem

Hartford Promise believes that large-scale college success can transform the lives of Hartford students and change the trajectory of their city.

In New Haven, an alternative school gives students new opportunities

Alternative schools can be the last option for young adults who are at risk of dropping out. This school in New Haven is trying to change that.

These Minnesota kids dreamed up healthy snacks for the Big Game

The Super Snack Challenge engaged all kids and families across Minnesota to think about healthy snacks and try new nutritious foods.

This indoor greenhouse grows more than just vegetables

The GrowHaus seeks to create a community-driven, neighborhood-based food system based in Denver's Elyria-Swansea neighborhood.

Finding answers through genetic sequencing

​After years of uncertain health diagnoses, the VanBrocklin family received free clinical whole genome sequencing through Rare Genomics.

Bonnie's "pit crew" of helpers

While dealing with their three-year-old's cancer remission, the Hall family found comfort at the Ronald McDonald House in South Island, New Zealand.

Ending loneliness with a cup of tea and a bit of cake

This charity’s 11,000 volunteers host tea parties for socially isolated older people to reconnect with their community and make new friends.

Empowering kids to make healthy food choices

GrowingGreat's garden and nutrition education programs take a multicultural approach, along with a focus on literacy and scientific inquiry.

The art of neighboring

A Washington-based artist explains the importance of finding culture in small towns, and why connecting with your community is crucial.