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​Hope for India’s forgotten street animals

Through this nonprofit's tireless work, India’s street animals are rescued, healed, loved, and returned back to their neighborhoods.

These service dogs are helping children find their way

The North Star Foundation places dogs with children who are facing challenges such as losing a parent, serious medical conditions, disabilities, or abuse.

​In northern Kansas, this organization readies dogs and owners for service

The organization breeds and trains Labrador Retrievers and Golden Retrievers to become service companions or for other individual and facility needs.

Meet the man fighting to save the orangutans of Indonesia

Orangutans have lost more than 80 percent of their habitat over the last several decades to intensive farming and deforestation across Indonesian rainforests.

Why protecting wolves is crucial for our environment

Regal and majestic, North American wolves once roamed most of the continent. But by mid-20th century, the entire species was on the brink of extinction.

A new life for rescued exotic cats

When Carole Baskin first founded Big Cat Rescue in the early nineties, she had no idea about the immense issues that big cats face in captivity.

A different kind of therapy

This animal-assisted therapy program helps children, veterans, families, and dolphins — all while teaching marine science education.

How one moon bear saved the lives of 600 others

Jill Robinson founded the Animals Asia Foundation after experiencing the cruelty of bear bile farming firsthand.