Tag: Animals

A new kind of therapy for veterans

On this Connecticut farm, retired polo horses provide comfort and structure for combat veterans and first responders.

From shelter to saving lives

Once an abandoned dog at an animal shelter, Chief the dog is now professionally trained to search and rescue people during disasters.

Building wings so they can fly

At Flying Horse Farms, camp is not just about joy for a week — it’s about impact for life.

For one blind veteran, freedom came in the form of his four-legged helper

Sgt. Malarsie knew a guide dog was an expensive but crucial part of his recovery process and regaining independence, but the high cost was out of the question.

Why we must preserve the natural legacy of the Western Everglades

With more than 1,000 people moving to Florida every day, this organization is focused on advocacy, education, and preservation of the Everglades.

Forever homes for captive elephants

Their mission is to give more elephants a second chance at life in wide open spaces cultivated specifically to meet their physical and emotional needs.

Stefan’s service is over, but Knoxville’s is just beginning

Whether Stefan is using his running blades, his regular prostheses, or going for a swim, Knoxville is always there on the sidelines.

Conservation and community wellbeing go hand in hand

Wild Earth Allies joins forces with local organizations and individuals to protect the wildlife and habitats that are vital to our global biodiversity.