Tag: Anti-Poverty

Pathways/Africa provides resources and education to communities in need

Their mission is to create permanent change in the lives of men, women, and children in Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, and Zimbabwe.

Education creates hope. Hope creates change.

​For more than 50% of youth in Kenya, education ends after the eighth grade. EFAC provides scholarships and a mentoring program to keep students in school.

How backpacks are helping New York City's homeless

The goal of Backpacks for the Street and Together Helping Others is to offer hope and compassion to the city’s (oft-ignored) homeless population.

Fighting poverty in India with music education

In India, marginalized children have to fight many battles. One married couple wanted to give these children a fighting chance through music.

One educator's innovative idea to give local children a brighter future

In 1964, Headmaster George Stevens had the bold idea to make good use of the summer months and open an empty campus to under-resourced students.

How women can end world hunger

Creating solutions for 821 million people suffering from hunger worldwide will take far more than changing food systems. It will require gender equality.

Building futures for families

Founded in 2011, Beds for Kids is a nonprofit whose mission is to provide beds and essential furniture to children and their families in need.

Meet the new Wall Street warriors

The Wall Street Warriors are about to move millions into the hands of families through collective investment.