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This New Delhi nonprofit encourages youth to "be the change"

Swechha began in 2000 as a young people’s campaign to raise awareness about pollution in India's River Yamuna and on youth participation and active citizenship.

This Israeli hospital serves everyone, regardless of religion or state

At Hadassah, one of the largest hospitals in Israel, there is an open-door policy for anyone in need.

Fighting poverty in India with music education

In India, marginalized children have to fight many battles. One married couple wanted to give these children a fighting chance through music.

Powering Potential celebrates 10-year partnership with the Segal Family Foundation

The close, long-time relationship has been a key factor in bringing their “Educating through Technology” programs to rural students in Tanzania.

Inside the fight to end gender-based violence in Myanmar

Violence against women is a serious problem, but in Myanmar, it is particularly challenging. Troubling gaps remain in providing services and accountability.

Albert Einstein and the birth of the International Rescue Committee

Learn how the IRC was founded at the call of physicist, humanitarian — and refugee — Albert Einstein.

Herbalists without borders provide compassionate care around the world

A decentralized model for accessible holistic healthcare, Herbalists Without Borders serves communities around the world, free of charge.

She's empowering women in Ethiopia

​Bezawit Getachew has been determined to help women in her country cope with injuries from childbirth ever since she first saw the 2007 documentary A Walk to Be