Tag: Diversity

Visit the world’s only museum dedicated to preserving and celebrating the rich history of African-American baseball

The ​Kansas City baseball museum celebrates 100 years since the founding of the Negro National League.

These high school students are celebrating cultural diversity through public art installations

Al-Bustan Seeds of Culture, an Arab arts and education organization, gives students a platform to share their stories about the immigrant experience.

Meet the next generation of community healthcare leaders

The MERIT Health Leadership Academy in Baltimore works with underrepresented high school students who aspire to have careers in medicine.

Taking college mentorship to the next level in California

This college success nonprofit in California envisions a world in which all students have equitable opportunities to realize their potential.

Removing barriers, building bridges for the deaf in India

Since its inception, the Deaf Enabled Foundation has tried to bridge the gap between the deaf and hearing enabled.

High school educators in Houston are reimagining their students' futures

BridgeYear uses a multi-pronged approach to engage students after high school graduation, beginning with tech-savvy advising and Career Test Drives.

Stories that shape how we give back

Neiko's Newman's Own Foundation fellowship reaffirmed that he wanted to spend his life helping others and combating oppression wherever and whenever possible.

Why protecting wolves is crucial for our environment

Regal and majestic, North American wolves once roamed most of the continent. But by mid-20th century, the entire species was on the brink of extinction.