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Tag: Education

A camp that gives hope

The Center for Family Justice breaks the cycle of abuse and violence by providing services that create hope and restore lives.

After a neglected childhood, Marlina glows in her new home

Since 1954, Angel View has helped people with profound disabilities reach their maximum potential. In Marlina’s case, the sky’s the limit.

Life lessons in the kitchen

Sharing knowledge about pickling, canning, roasting, broth-making, and dumpling folding can provide meaningful experiences for the next generation.

This teen is advocating for girls’ education in Kenya

​Fifteen-year-old Natalie Obiero believes girls everywhere have the right to go to school.

Advancing racial equity in America

Dr. Ibram X. Kendi, Professor of History and International Relations at American University, explores the history of racist ideas in America.

At this after-school program, everyone feels like family

Together, the Carver Foundation and Norwalk public schools are working to close the achievement gap.

Learning today, leading tomorrow

Two women share their experience with an organization that provides quality educational opportunities to the local community in Siem Reap.

In a Kenyan slum, empowerment comes from education

The grassroots nonprofit SHOFCO knows that educating young women is just the beginning.