Tag: Environmental conservation

Meet the man fighting to save the orangutans of Indonesia

Orangutans have lost more than 80 percent of their habitat over the last several decades to intensive farming and deforestation across Indonesian rainforests.

Building sustainable schools through zero waste programs

Seven Generations Ahead works with government, community, and private sector leaders to help communities make the changes they need to build a healthy future.

This New Delhi nonprofit encourages youth to "be the change"

Swechha began in 2000 as a young people’s campaign to raise awareness about pollution in India's River Yamuna and on youth participation and active citizenship.

​This innovative partnership is helping bees and butterflies all over the world

More than 1,040,000 gardens have been registered with the Million Pollinator Garden Challenge, an ambitious project to create safe habitats for pollinators.

One orchard, one school at a time: the Philadelphia Orchard Project

This nonprofit planted 62 orchards in ten years — and connected with local Philadelphia schools to educate the next generation about our ecosystem.

Why protecting wolves is crucial for our environment

Regal and majestic, North American wolves once roamed most of the continent. But by mid-20th century, the entire species was on the brink of extinction.

Making trash useful again

A new eco-brick project in the Dominican Republic prevented over 4,000 pounds of plastic and trash from entering the sea.

A new life for rescued exotic cats

When Carole Baskin first founded Big Cat Rescue in the early nineties, she had no idea about the immense issues that big cats face in captivity.