Tag: Human rights

Creating a safe space for children displaced by conflict and crisis

The Schoolbox Project provides mobile trauma-informed education, art, and play to children in refugee camps and crisis situations.

Albert Einstein's thoughts on philanthropy

Arguably the most famous scientist in the world, Einstein also had some wise words to say about selflessness, philanthropy, and the common good.

This Israeli hospital serves everyone, regardless of religion or state

At Hadassah, one of the largest hospitals in Israel, there is an open-door policy for anyone in need.

Albert Einstein and the birth of the International Rescue Committee

Learn how the IRC was founded at the call of physicist, humanitarian — and refugee — Albert Einstein.

She's empowering women in Ethiopia

​Bezawit Getachew has been determined to help women in her country cope with injuries from childbirth ever since she first saw the 2007 documentary A Walk to Be

For these African girls, an alternate rite of passage

Partnering directly with Maasai communities, AmRef developed new ways for young girls to transition into womanhood without FGM.

J.K. Rowling shares why children need families, not orphanages

Lumos founder J.K. Rowling talks about the impact of life in an orphanage and how to end the systematic institutionalization of children worldwide.

Understanding our past to move forward in our future

Harvard professor Dr. Elizabeth Hinton examines the persistence of poverty and racial inequality in the 20th century United States.