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Tag: Nutrition

Life lessons in the kitchen

Sharing knowledge about pickling, canning, roasting, broth-making, and dumpling folding can provide meaningful experiences for the next generation.

How to replenish food deserts

MoGro is a food delivery service that makes organic fruits and vegetables available to rural, low-income families for an affordable price.

Making farmers markets accessible to everyone

In Portland, Oregon, a nonprofit teamed up with local businesses to get more farm-direct produce into the hands of low-income residents.

Local organizations join forces to lead hands-on health program

A new pilot program seeks to make fitness and nutrition education more accessible and inviting for individuals with disabilities.

These Minnesota kids dreamed up healthy snacks for the Big Game

The Super Snack Challenge engaged all kids and families across Minnesota to think about healthy snacks and try new nutritious foods.

This indoor greenhouse grows more than just vegetables

The GrowHaus seeks to create a community-driven, neighborhood-based food system based in Denver's Elyria-Swansea neighborhood.

Planting wonder, in the garden and classroom

A FoodCorps service member shares how her fourth grade students connect with food on their own terms.

Access to fresh food turned this teenager’s life around

Imagine being sick in a doctor’s office, severely asthmatic, and overweight. Now imagine your doctor writing you a prescription for fresh produce, not pills.