Tag: Special needs

These service dogs are helping children find their way

The North Star Foundation places dogs with children who are facing challenges such as losing a parent, serious medical conditions, disabilities, or abuse.

​In northern Kansas, this organization readies dogs and owners for service

The organization breeds and trains Labrador Retrievers and Golden Retrievers to become service companions or for other individual and facility needs.

These cafés are changing lives in India

Founder Alina Alam wanted to build a social enterprise that engaged people with disabilities, empowered them, and created awareness about their employability.

For grieving children and adults, a place to tell their stories

While grief is something we will all go through, there are few places we can turn to find comfort, solace, understanding, and a place to tell our stories.

This New Orleans school has redefined what success looks like

Opportunities Academy is a post-secondary school that caters to and empowers students with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Removing barriers, building bridges for the deaf in India

Since its inception, the Deaf Enabled Foundation has tried to bridge the gap between the deaf and hearing enabled.

What's Good? 5 questions for Jon Sullivan

Meet Jon Sullivan, the Director of Corporate Communications for Aflac, where he leads the planning and execution of the company's CSR.

Making outside sports accessible for everyone

From working with autistic children to adapting equipment for paraplegics, DSES believes that no one should be left behind because of a disability.