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Why volunteering is so important at the end of the year

For volunteer Crisis Counselors (CCs), the holidays are an extra special time to support people in pain.​

Older dogs need love, too

knew that older dogs, surrendered to shelters often under heartbreaking circumstances, did not do well, and they were often put on the euthanasia list.

No longer afraid to try

After an internship with the American Mural Project, college student Sarah Kruse felt inspired to reach for her own dreams as well.

A different approach to grieving

OUR HOUSE believes that while grief takes many forms, it is a universal experience.

Volunteer managers and decision fatigue

Volunteer managers are faced with making hundreds, maybe thousands, of decisions a day. So how does one avoid feeling overwhelmed and exhausted?

Doing good can make you feel good, study on volunteerism finds

According to a 2017 study, employee volunteerism positively affects the health and well-being of the people who participate.

Ending loneliness with a cup of tea and a bit of cake

This charity’s 11,000 volunteers host tea parties for socially isolated older people to reconnect with their community and make new friends.