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A groundbreaking journalist's legacy lives on

Gwen Ifill was an icon in political journalism. Her legacy lives on through a new fund for emerging journalists.

Gwen Ifill was our colleague and friend here at WETA.

For 17 years, she served as the co-anchor and managing editor of the PBS NewsHour and the moderator and managing editor of Washington Week with Gwen Ifill.

Gwen was committed to bringing light — not heat — to our daily discourse through the news in the interest of educating viewers and strengthening civil society.

Against a backdrop of deepening divisions along class, race, gender, and ideology, Gwen used unbiased, high-quality journalism to expose faultlines, call leaders to account, and discover solutions.

The Gwen Ifill Fund for Journalism Excellence continues Gwen’s legacy at WETA.

the journalist fellows with Bob at anchor desk The Gwen Ifill Washington Week Fellowship lets emerging journalists gain hands-on, real-world experience working on "Washington Week," the longest running news analysis program on PBS. (Photo: PBS WETA)

Each year, the fund sponsors a few lucky Gwen Ifill Fellows — many of them young women and journalists of color — to gain invaluable hands-on experience in public broadcasting.

The Newman’s Own Foundation, through its support of public broadcasting, has been a cornerstone funder of this fellowship program.

WETA and Newman’s Own Foundation believe that support of this kind provides career opportunities, including paid fellowships and mentoring by the Washington Week and NewsHour teams, for emerging journalists from diverse communities.

The fellowship program continues to offer the public broadcasting system a pipeline of promising new talent, as shown in this video of some recent fellowship graduates.


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