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This baseball star wants youth to feel safe at home

If you're a baseball fan, you've likely heard of Joe Torre. His distinguished career began in 1960 as a player for the Milwaukee Braves, and later for the Cardinals and Mets, before turning to management and TV commentary.

But Torre's most important work isn't found on the field.

"Growing up in a home where there was domestic violence was very difficult and left lasting scars," says Torre. "Although I didn’t realize it then, I used to feel like the abuse was my fault. I felt helpless and alone. For many years, I felt ashamed and worthless. As an adult, I began to speak openly about my childhood experience with domestic violence."

"As I gained the understanding and knowledge that too many children live in fear, are unaware of how to ask for help, and suffer the same debilitating fear that I and my family had, my wife, Ali, and I founded the Safe At Home Foundation in 2002."

Safe At Home provides services in schools to children exposed to violence in order to help them heal from trauma. In October 2007, the Foundation established the Margaret Place initiative at a middle school in Union City, New Jersey.

Margaret’s Place (named after Torre's mother) is a dedicated safe room in schools where students can go to talk or “hang out” in a comfortable environment that feels safe to them — a place where respect and confidentiality are the rule.

Together, both Safe at Home and Margaret's Place's mission is to educate and prevent domestic violence.

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The Joe Torre Safe At Home Foundation was created in 2002 by Major League Baseball Manager Joe Torre and his wife, Ali with the mission of educating to end the cycle of domestic violence and save lives. Joe suffered silently as a child growing up in a violent home. With guidance and support as an adult, he was able to come to terms with the harmful impact that domestic abuse had had on his own family. It is Joe’s hope that no child suffers as he did. He believes that every child deserves to feel Safe At Home and therefore it is the Foundation’s ambition to serve this vulnerable population.

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