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The future of collaboration and partnership for philanthropy

This conference plenary session, entitled “The Future of Collaboration and Partnership for Philanthropy,” featured three nonprofit and philanthropy leaders discussing how and why philanthropy-serving organizations can develop deeper collaborations and partnerships, at a critical moment in our sector, to increase the impact of our members and further increase our relevancy.

Conversationalists were Dan Cardinali, President and CEO of Independent Sector; Carly Hare, National Director/Coalition Catalyst for CHANGE Philanthropy; and Donna Murray-Brown, President and CEO of the Michigan Nonprofit Association; moderated by David Biemesderfer, President and CEO of United Philanthropy Forum.

The session was held on July 18, 2018, at United Philanthropy Forum’s 2018 Annual Conference in Boston.

This video was previously published on the United Philanthropy Forum's website in August 2018.

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